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Say Goodbye to Carpet

June 8th 2010 in Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Stair Treads, Home Decor

More and more these days people are saying goodbye to carpet. There are many reasons for this;

  1. Health Advantages. Carpet attracts dust mites, allergens, and can trap bacteria in its fibers. All of us living in homes with carpet are exposing ourselves everyday to these health hazards. Hardwood, on the other hand, is organic and does not cause these health hazards, providing a much healthier atmosphere for our homes.
  2. Cleaning/Maintenance. For most of us there are already enough things in a day that require our attention, let alone having to vacuum our carpets everyday along with periodic ‘deep’ cleaning. To keep wood floors looking their best all that is required is a daily sweeping and weekly moping which is much less time consuming than taking care of carpet.
  3. Longer Life. Carpet doesn’t hold up to daily wear-and-tear like hardwood does. Wood floors will last a lifetime, whereas carpet hardly gets through a decade without needing to be replaced.
  4. Increased Value. In today’s economy American’s are finding many ways to add value to their homes, and one of the best methods is replacing carpet with hardwood. Whether its replacing our carpeted stairs with wood stair treads, or our whole home with wood flooring, hardwood can bring much needed value back into our homes.

Blackford & Sons can help you say goodbye to carpet for good! Whether you’re interested in Wide Plank Flooring or Wood Stair Treads for your home, Blackford & Sons has just what you need.


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