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Distressed Wood Flooring

June 28th 2009 in Hardwood Flooring, Interior Design

When choosing a wood floor, there are many different options available. One of the most distinctive wood flooring choices available today is distressed wood flooring. This unique wood flooring creates a look and feel that is unmatched by typical wood floors.

Creating a new wood floor that has a distressed surface isn’t easy, and making it look authentic is even harder. In our custom shop, we have several different techniques that we use to distress wide plank flooring.

The most popular choice for many of our clients has been our unique hand scraped (or hand eased) edges and ends. This process is done completely by hand, giving every plank an authentic handcrafted look. This also helps to define the flooring, making the unique character of each plank stand out.

Along with hand scraped edges and ends, a hand scraped surface will add even more handcrafted flare to any wood floor. This is a great option that can be tailored to any design style from modern to rustic. Deeper scraping will lend to a more rustic interior design, while lighter scraping will compliment more modern interior designs.


A saw kerf surface also give wood flooring a unique distressed look. Saw kerf is a term used to refer to the markings that the saw blade leaves on the wood planks when they are sawn from a log. Before modern milling technology, it was common to see these marks on wood flooring. Our custom shop recreates this historic look in two ways; 1) by lightly surfacing the boards, leaving a hit-or-miss saw kerf surface, and 2) using the original surface retaining the saw kerf marks but giving the planks a smooth foot-worn look.


Finally, wire brushed flooring planks can add varying degrees of definition to a floor. Wire brushing wood removes the softer fibers and opens up the grain bringing enhanced definition and texture to the floor. Wire brushing can be heavy or light, giving any degree of texture desired.



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