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Couple Replaces Carpeted Stairs with Wood

June 11th 2010 in Customer Testimonials, Hardwood Stair Treads

Replacing your carpeted stairway with wood stair treads is a great DIY home improvement project for anyone. We recently received an email and photos from a retired couple that replaced one of their two carpeted stairways with Red Oak stair treads.


Thanks so much for your input and patience with all my phone calls.  Both of us are very pleased with the end results! We’re going to give ourselves a month or so to recover from this job, then we will call you to start phase two.

- John and Julie – Palmetto, FL

Way to go John and Julie! No more carpet!


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More and more these days people are saying goodbye to carpet. There are many reasons for this;

Health Advantages. Carpet attracts dust mites, allergens, and can trap bacteria in its fibers. All of us living in homes with carpet are exposing ourselves everyday to these health hazards. Hardwood, on the other hand, is organic and does [...]

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