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Who We Are

This page created December 31st 2008

Scott Blackford with his six sons and Grandson. Left to right; Abraham, Nathan, Luke (with son, Reilley), Scott, Gabriel, Scotty, and Kaleb.

Blackford & Sons is a family-owned and operated woodworking company located in the mountains of the beautiful Cumberland Plateau, in Tennessee. We manufacture all types of interior millwork, from Wide Plank Flooring to Stair Treads and Risers. As a family-owned and operated company we place great importance on the overall quality and value that our products bring to our clients. Our number one concern is that all of our clients experience the very best in product quality and customer service.

I’m Luke Blackford and I want to welcome you to our company blog. I wear many different hats here at our company. I handle most of our in-house sales, marketing, web design, as well as run machinery in our custom shop. Our goal for this blog is to provide helpful information on wood flooring, home decor, and all things associated with custom millwork.

A Little History

The beginning of Blackford & Sons came in 1997 when my father Scott Blackford, sold his Alarm System company he had started 15 years prior, and purchased a Wood-Mizer Sawmill and 250 acres of land in Tennessee, all with the intention of creating a business that would provide for his family and give him the ability to work with his sons on a daily basis. As he explored the wood products industry over the following years, he decided to enter the Interior Millwork industry and purchased a dry-kiln (used in the drying of sawn lumber) and a Moulder to produce custom trim and mouldings. This is when Blackford & Sons Woodworking was born.

I remember well our very first trim and moulding project. It was a mid-size master bedroom re-model in a 7,500 square foot home. It was a great experience working with the home owners and their builder to match the existing millwork and seamlessly integrate the addition into the home. That was back in late 2002, and ever since we have been expanding and improving our custom millwork offerings to meet the needs of the homeowners and builders that we work with. Today, Blackford & Sons has expanded to offering specialty Wide Plank Flooring, and Hardwood Stair Treads in addition to our Custom Interior Millwork.

As our company is a family one, all of our employees are quite literally, family. For this reason, I believe our millwork is set apart from all others in that every single one of our employees truly cares about the products we produce, and the ultimate satisfaction and value we provide to our clients. This is the perfect ingredient which ensures our commitment to unmatched quality and service will be truly realized.

I hope that you will find the content of this blog informative and useful, and that you will leave here with a better understanding of our commitment to quality and service that we uphold at Blackford & Sons Woodworking.