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Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

June 8th 2009 in Custom Home Building & Contracting, Hardwood Flooring, Plank Floor Projects

Craftsman putting some final touches on this beautiful Nashville home.

We’ve just finished up a plank flooring project in a lovely custom home in Nashville, TN. The wide plank flooring in this Nashville home is 9″ Red Oak wide planks with hand scraped edges and a French bleed look. As you can see from the pictures, this floor suits the European castle-like style of this gorgeous home.

Traditionally a symbol of great strength, Red Oak has a subtle reddish golden patina that is quite unique. Just as with White Oak, Red Oak is cherished for its consistent grain and its traditional appearance – the main reason that it was chosen by the owners of this particular home. Because of its exceptional density and hardness, this Red Oak floor will retain its beauty through decades of use and wear.

Please enjoy the photos of this beautiful wide plank floor.

View more photos of Red Oak wide plank flooring here.


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